All About Narwhals Wonder #489

Today, I am going to explore wonder #489, What is a Narwhal?  Here are some things that I know or think I know about narwhals:

  • They are the unicorns of the ocean.
  • They live in water.
  • They are kind of like seals and unicorns mixed.
  • They sometimes use their horns to scare off enemies like killer whales and sharks.
  • They are kind of like dolphins.
  • Narwhals are like unicorns with flippers instead of feet that can swim.
  • Narwhals have one or two tusks.
  • They can use their horn to break through the top of the ice.
  • Narwhals are like a bigger version of a swordfish.


                                       What I learned about narwhals

        Narwhals are unicorns under the sea.

         Narwhals are called Arctic Unicorn.

         Narwhals are like small whales.

       Narwhals are 15 to 16 feet long.

       Narwhals tusks are not a horn at all they are teeth.

    A narwhal with two horns is really rare.

       A narwhal’s right incisor is normally small but it can grow larger.

     Narwhals feed on fish deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

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